Rajang… The Greatest Orangutan

Rajang the Orangutan

Sleep Tight Rajang

Very sad news today…

Rajang the orangutan has finally passed away at Colchester Zoo.

He had been struggling with chronic arthritis and other health issues over recent years, and finally after 50 years it was time to say goodbye.

Sleep tight big fella.


Many years ago when I first saw Rajang, he inspired me to create www.cajuzi.com.

It took a while for it to fall into place as I built up my thoughts, but Rajang immediately became my profile image across the likes of Twitter, LinkedIn, desktop wallpapers, that sort of thing.

He’s always been the main image in the banner at the top of this page, in case you were wondering.

In so many ways I could relate to him.

I’ve long been known as ‘being an orangutan’ due to my freakishly long arms and natural love of Rajang. I always felt that his mind was always calmly breaking down what was around and in front of him, with logic, patience, intelligence and of course curiosity.

So sad.

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BT… It’s Me… Hello?

Olympic Fireworks and BT Flyers

Fireworks done - Now post the flyers!

Last week at home we had the unfortunate matter of our landline home telephone deciding to no longer work.

It just stopped. Holiday mode I imagine.

As if by magic it just suddenly went silent during Tuesday morning, and to be honest it was fairly adamant it wasn’t coming back any time soon.

One Stop Shop

My curious mind couldn’t help thinking the other end of the phone line had been unplugged in the exchange box.  Hmmm…

With it went the broadband connection. Fortunately British Telecom (BT) are responsible for it all so I promptly logged a fault with them.

How Long?

Now, as I’m on their superfast, high performance Infinity 2 broadband deal I’d hoped for a swift investigation.  Unfortunately I was mistaken.

“Sometime over the next 4 days we’ll have a look for you”, was the response.  Four days? This is 2012 for heaven’s sake!

That Was Quick

Well, eventually an engineer turned up on Thursday. Oddly enough after a swift visit to the local exchange box he had it resolved in a jiffy!

Loose plug perhaps?

It’s quite frustrating, paying for an expensive service for two days of nothing. Wonder what they do with my money if it’s not to fund my fibre connection 24 hours a day?

Anyway, fortunately it’s fixed now so thank you BT.

Oooh, A Bit of Post!

So, this leads me onto something that popped through my letterbox yesterday. You know the old fashioned way of communicating.

The envelope in question was addressed to “The Householder”. It was from BT.

Click Here to find out why British Telecom could do with finding out about their own customers…

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Earth Will Self Destruct In One Minute!

Fire Fuses Blizzard Earth

Prison Fire Sparks Crazy Headlines

So there you have it, it’s all in a headline. If the headline doesn’t grab you by the time you’ve read the last word then the chances are you won’t bother to read the news story.

Unless you’re bored of course.

Warm Snow

Now, last month most of Britain woke up to a blanket of snow. Bit of a surprise considering the mild temperatures experienced up to that point. Even Christmas day had reached double figures.

The white stuff didn’t last long though and things are now picking up again. February went from -18 to +18 degrees centigrade which is just crazy!

Is That True? Let Me Check

So as March arrived I was a little shocked to read the news headline of “Snow Blizzards To Hit Britain”.

Along with thoughts of “Oh no not again”, I doubted that it was actually a true story to be honest.

However, out of curiosity I continued on and read the story.

Click Here to continue reading and to discover if the Earth is really about to explode…

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Royal Mint’s London 2012 Olympic Collection… Worthless!

Royal Mint London 2012 Olympic Collection

I can't slam dunk it... it won't fit!

Have you ever heard someone utter the words, “a licence to print money”?

Hmm, yes probably.

It’s a nice thought and a great privilege if you’re allowed to do it.

Well, the Royal Mint has that very privilege. They also have the honour of making coins by the billions to pump into the monetary system.



Perfection is the key

Clearly it carries a great responsibility. Everything has to be exactly right with the printing of each note and the structure of each coin. With a high level of accuracy every single item produced has to be as per the design specification.

Ok, so that’s marvellous.

Click Here to continue reading about Royal Mint’s priceless new London 2012 Olympic collection…

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Don’t Worry, I’ll Do It Later… Much Later

Lists of Tasks That Are Never Done

No problem, I'll do it tonight...

Quite often I feel as though I never have any free time.

Well, when I say free time, I guess I really mean spare time. That’s spare time to do something else.

You see, I have a list of tasks that I need to do, or possibly want to do.

In fact, I have many lists. I even have a list of lists.

Fortunately I haven’t yet reached the point of needing lists of my lists of lists.


Family Time

For some reason I seem to struggle to organise my time at home. I try to make time to work through all the tasks I have to do, but I fail on so many levels.

I think one reason is simply because I always put my family first, and I’m fine with that. I definitely never want it to be any other way. I like to think I’m the type of husband and dad who’ll be there, no matter what.

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Records Are There To Be Broken… So What’s Next?

Super Mohican Man Breaks Record

Well that's never happened before!

Every day it seems as though we are exposed to all kinds of facts and figures.

For example, we can be presented with a list of percentages relating to the next political vote, or maybe some statistics from a recent survey.

I’m sure you know the ones, “9 out of 10 cats prefer it”.

That’s dinner by the way, not politics.


The Weather

Now, we are made aware on a consistent basis of records that are being broken, or at least those that are under threat.

For instance, lately in the U.K. the weather has just been crazy. Global warming and all that. Apparently “It’s not been this warm in November since, Er… well, never in fact!”

Ding! That’s another record broken then.

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That’s Just A Silly Idea…

Pizza delivery but letters are collection only

Any dips with your letter sir?

There are plenty of organisations that offer help for one reason or another.

It could be some guidance on how to use an appliance for example.

Others give options of advice on how to fix a leaking tap.

If you are stuck on how to rebuild the engine in your car you don’t have to be alone.

You can even find books in the local library to discover how to really look after a pet.

Think About What You’re Saying

Have you ever seen a message like this though: “Having trouble with your telephone?  Ring 0800 555555 now for help!”.

Or perhaps you’ve seen something like this: “Having trouble with your internet access?  Visit www. computerhelp.com/theinternet now for help!”.

Why do they say things like this, surely the people behind this useful information aren’t as silly as they sound?

Click Here to continue reading about why the Royal Mail clearly didn’t think something through…

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You’re Famous… Why’s That?

Who came up with that bright idea?

Who came up with that bright idea?

Yesterday I read a news article regarding the passing of Joe Frazier. At the age of 67 he lost his journey in life a month after being diagnosed with liver cancer.

Now, this article isn’t entirely about Joe Frazier, it’s more of an example of a situation on something that could well be a very common occurrence amongst us all.

Something that made me curiously raise my eyebrows.


Great Achievements

You see, whilst his name is familiar to me, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you too much about what he actually achieved in life.  I knew he was a boxer, but as for being aware of any further career details I really struggled.

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Busy Doing Nothing… Or Are They?

Workmen watching their colleague dig a hole

So we just stand here right?

It seems as though wherever I look nowadays there are workmen about. On roads, street corners and even shopping centres. They are everywhere.

However, despite this huge presence it’s rare to see a workman working by himself. Take this morning for instance…

I passed a section of footpath surrounded by an excessive number of red and white barriers.


In between the barriers I could see a man standing inside a rather deep hole. Only his head protruded above ground level as he stood upright in his narrow mini canyon.

Don’t Just Stand There

Now, his colleagues were clearly above ground, not breaking a sweat, and that made me a little curious…

There were three of them.  All dressed in bright yellow jackets with their hard hats on, just like the man in the hole.  All three of them stood still, staring into the depths of the Earth whilst passing the odd comment as I walked on by.

Click Here to find out what they may be up to and how vital their role could be

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Risks Before Dawn… Oh, That’s Clever!

Ambulance Driving in the Dark

Dark and Disbelief

Whilst driving into work this morning I had a few “shake my head in disbelief” moments.

First up were the drivers who failed to switch on their headlights. It was pretty dark as dawn hadn’t yet woken up.

I’m amazed at how many people fall into this category. That is no headlights, not the woken up bit.

Just Flick The Switch

I can’t decide if it’s just because they can see everyone else coming with their lights on so they don’t have to worry.

Or maybe it’s down to them actually sleeping at the same time as dawn, perhaps even with dawn. It could of course simply be that they just don’t care, and as a consequence are just too daft to understand the need to switch their lights on.

I’m not sure, but what I do know is I found myself shaking my head from side to side in disbelief. Either way, it was turning out to be pretty dangerous.

Now, talking of dangerous…

Click Here to find out what finally stopped my head from shaking…

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When I Grow Up I Want To Be…

F1 car on the road

Think I'll stop for a coffee

Children have always looked up to others, and I don’t just mean literally. I’m sure we’ve all had at least one dream of becoming someone special in our lifetime.

For example, a little girl might have aspirations to become a famous singer, or perhaps a Hollywood actress.

Not all girls want to be famous though. Some may be thrilled at the thought of being a school teacher or a nurse and the rewards that those roles provide.

And Boys Want…

For boys it tends to be a little more action and thrill based.  Their desires focus more towards being a top fighter pilot hurtling at Mach 1 through open and clear skies. Some boys dream of becoming a motor racing driver with the adrenaline rushes that blow your head off at high speed as your backside sits inches from the tarmac.

Click Here to continue reading why I may just be living a better life than an F1 driver…

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One Giant Lie… No Leap, I Mean Leap!

Japanese Flag Already There

Hang On, What's That Doing Here?

If we are accused of doing something that we never did then we will generally protest our innocence. Likewise, if we are accused of doing something that we have actually done, but shouldn’t have, then we may still try to protest our innocence. At the very least we may try to cover it up by generating false evidence.

These are perfectly natural behaviours and responses. You see, if there is no actual witness to you having done something then it opens the door to bend the truth.

The Role Of The Witness

Take for example the breaking of a world record. To be recognised as having achieved such greatness the event needs to be witnessed and verified there and then. For instance I couldn’t just show someone a stopwatch that says 9.30 seconds whilst standing on a running track at the end of the 100m straight. Well I could but no one would believe that I’ve just achieved a miracle.

Click Here to continue reading how Japan could either ruin or save the day for NASA…

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Sky Need To Take A Leaf…

Sky Sports need to take a leaf

Go On Sky, Take A Leaf!

Last month Sky TV offered Sky Sports free for an entire weekend.  This meant that any Sky subscriber who hadn’t paid to receive Sky Sports as part of their TV package deal would be able to watch it.

That’s free of charge!

Now, I have a problem with that, despite it being a nice gesture by Sky… for some people anyway.

The Benefit

It’s a good benefit for existing customers, which is a bit of a rarity as usually the offers are for new customers only. The common approach is to generally ignore the existing customer base as they’re already hooked and paying for the privilege.  It’s not just Sky that do this obviously, mobile phone companies have been doing it for years.

The problem I have is this. I’m one of the existing customers who pays up front on a monthly basis for Sky Sports. So hang on a moment, please allow me to make a little comparison before I make my real point…

Click Here to continue reading why Sky should take a leaf out of someone else’s book…

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Sorry… What Did You Say His Name Was?

So When Is The Light Arriving?

Speed of Darkness

During my time at school and college I loved Mathematics.  It was definitely my best subject and I clearly had a logical mind that fitted in well.

Another subject that I was pretty good at during college was Physics.  In fact, I received my highest grade in it, and that’s something that still amazes me to this very day.

Don’t get me wrong, I worked extremely hard for it.  Physics had a lot of logic in it too so in theory most of it just followed a typical logical path for me I guess.

That is, until now…

Oh, Should We Panic?

Last week whilst reading the news I noticed a headline that puzzled me for a moment.  You know the type, the ones you have to read half a dozen times to understand it.  Well this one confused me.  It said, “Earthquake in Physics!”

Er… really?  Don’t you mean Geography, and not Physics?  Well, apparently not. 

Click Here to continue reading about the light that just isn’t quick enough…

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Just Need To Change One Thing… The Words!

Pointless sign


I recently read an article that highlighted blatant mistakes in some supermarket labels.

For instance, Wilkinsons were selling Colgate toothpaste at £2.60 each, or 2 for £6. Hardly encouragement to buy two if you ask me.

Then ASDA chipped in with their own bargain for Lucozade Sport by selling it for £2 a bottle, or 2 for £6, huh?

And not wishing to be excluded from the silliness was Tesco who listed Dr. Oetker pizzas for £1.39, or 2 for £4.50.

Clearly none of these were meant to say this and can probably be put down as genuine mistakes caused by the ever growing involvement of computers in our society.

Signs Don’t Escape

Whilst reading this article I started to think about all of the mistakes that have been made in signs over the years.  It specifically reminded me about one I came across a few weeks ago. It was located in my local Sainsburys supermarket car park, and it just didn’t make any sense at all…

Click Here to continue reading about the sign that serves no purpose…

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Rise of the… No, just sit down!

The Director's Chair

Roll the Credits... ACTION!

Have you been to the cinema lately? 

I have.

I recently ventured out to see the Rise of the Planet of the Apes.  It was an enjoyable evening but I got a little agitated by what happened at the end.  Don’t worry, I’m not about to spoil the movie for those who haven’t seen it.  If anything, it’s a very useful bit of information for you. 

My Expectations

My pre-movie expectations were low.  Having watched the latest trailer I couldn’t help think I’d already seen the entire movie, or at least all of the good bits. Plus as the story takes place prior to the original Planet of the Apes films I knew the ending before it started. So not a great start…

Click Here to continue reading about a movie director’s big mistake…

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Swim? I’d Rather Jump!

Plane fully loaded with armbands and a parachute

Armbands and Parachute Deployed Captain!

Just a quick little story if you have 4 or 5 minutes to spare…

I’m writing this whilst sitting in row 39, in seat C, on a Thomas Cook flight bound for Gatwick. It’s an aisle seat lined up alongside the emergency exit doors. I pre-booked this seat for the extra leg room just as any normal giraffe would.

First Up, The Nervous Steward

I’ve just watched the safety demonstration by the male steward. He stood right in front of me. Worryingly he had one of those uncontrollable giggles and smiles going on.

It was like a budding young actor on stage for the first time who couldn’t withhold his nervousness, embarrassment and excitement in front of the vast audience. Anyhow, he did a fine job and held it together well.

Marvellous. Well done…

Click Here to continue reading about why a life jacket just isn’t enough…

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Why Cajuzi?

Welcome to Cajuzi..!

Who knows where this may lead.  I will be writing about many things, mainly anything that makes me think ”hang on a minute?”

So why Cajuzi?

Well, in short, I wanted a word that was well… short I guess. About six letters should do it I thought.  I spent hours working through what seemed like thousands of words, drawing blanks everywhere. I threw together letters hoping to strike upon a good combination that worked…

…and eventually, Eureka! My eldest daughter reminded me of something that my youngest daughter used to say. Instead of saying jacuzzi she would always say “cajuzi”.

So there you have it. Watch this space, I’ll be back soon…

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