Rajang… The Greatest Orangutan

Rajang the Orangutan

Sleep Tight Rajang

Very sad news today…

Rajang the orangutan has finally passed away at Colchester Zoo.

He had been struggling with chronic arthritis and other health issues over recent years, and finally after 50 years it was time to say goodbye.

Sleep tight big fella.


Many years ago when I first saw Rajang, he inspired me to create www.cajuzi.com.

It took a while for it to fall into place as I built up my thoughts, but Rajang immediately became my profile image across the likes of Twitter, LinkedIn, desktop wallpapers, that sort of thing.

He’s always been the main image in the banner at the top of this page, in case you were wondering.

In so many ways I could relate to him.

I’ve long been known as ‘being an orangutan’ due to my freakishly long arms and natural love of Rajang. I always felt that his mind was always calmly breaking down what was around and in front of him, with logic, patience, intelligence and of course curiosity.

So sad.

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