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Earth Will Self Destruct In One Minute!

So there you have it, it’s all in a headline. If the headline doesn’t grab you by the time you’ve read the last word then the chances are you won’t bother to read the news story. Unless you’re bored of course. … Continue reading

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That’s Just A Silly Idea…

There are plenty of organisations that offer help for one reason or another. It could be some guidance on how to use an appliance for example. Others give options of advice on how to fix a leaking tap. If you are stuck on … Continue reading

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Busy Doing Nothing… Or Are They?

It seems as though wherever I look nowadays there are workmen about. On roads, street corners and even shopping centres. They are everywhere. However, despite this huge presence it’s rare to see a workman working by himself. Take this morning … Continue reading

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Risks Before Dawn… Oh, That’s Clever!

Whilst driving into work this morning I had a few “shake my head in disbelief” moments. First up were the drivers who failed to switch on their headlights. It was pretty dark as dawn hadn’t yet woken up. I’m amazed at how … Continue reading

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When I Grow Up I Want To Be…

Children have always looked up to others, and I don’t just mean literally. I’m sure we’ve all had at least one dream of becoming someone special in our lifetime. For example, a little girl might have aspirations to become a famous … Continue reading

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Just Need To Change One Thing… The Words!

I recently read an article that highlighted blatant mistakes in some supermarket labels. For instance, Wilkinsons were selling Colgate toothpaste at £2.60 each, or 2 for £6. Hardly encouragement to buy two if you ask me. Then ASDA chipped in with their … Continue reading

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Rise of the… No, just sit down!

Have you been to the cinema lately?  I have. I recently ventured out to see the Rise of the Planet of the Apes.  It was an enjoyable evening but I got a little agitated by what happened at the end.  … Continue reading

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