That’s Just A Silly Idea…

Pizza delivery but letters are collection only

Any dips with your letter sir?

There are plenty of organisations that offer help for one reason or another.

It could be some guidance on how to use an appliance for example.

Others give options of advice on how to fix a leaking tap.

If you are stuck on how to rebuild the engine in your car you don’t have to be alone.

You can even find books in the local library to discover how to really look after a pet.

Think About What You’re Saying

Have you ever seen a message like this though: “Having trouble with your telephone?  Ring 0800 555555 now for help!”.

Or perhaps you’ve seen something like this: “Having trouble with your internet access?  Visit www. now for help!”.

Why do they say things like this, surely the people behind this useful information aren’t as silly as they sound?

Yes ok, you’re probably right.  Maybe they are.

Delivery For You Sir!

You see, this morning on the news they covered an item that involved the Royal Mail Delivery Service.

For those who don’t know, the Royal Mail employ post men and women to hand deliver envelopes, leaflets and parcels to households across the UK.  They literally deal with millions of items each week.

It’s Going to be a Bumpy Ride

The news story covered a certain issue regarding a town in southern England. In this town there is a poorly maintained public road that leads to a number of properties.

As a result of the condition of this road the Royal Mail has now decided that they can no longer make deliveries to these properties until the road quality has been improved.

Sounds a bit harsh but if it’s dangerous I can see that it could of course become a serious issue.


So, the Royal Mail will be informing all of the residents affected that they can no longer deliver mail to them.


Well, they are writing a nice little letter to them all of course…

I know, don’t ask.  Silly isn’t it.

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