Don’t Worry, I’ll Do It Later… Much Later

Lists of Tasks That Are Never Done

No problem, I'll do it tonight...

Quite often I feel as though I never have any free time.

Well, when I say free time, I guess I really mean spare time. That’s spare time to do something else.

You see, I have a list of tasks that I need to do, or possibly want to do.

In fact, I have many lists. I even have a list of lists.

Fortunately I haven’t yet reached the point of needing lists of my lists of lists.


Family Time

For some reason I seem to struggle to organise my time at home. I try to make time to work through all the tasks I have to do, but I fail on so many levels.

I think one reason is simply because I always put my family first, and I’m fine with that. I definitely never want it to be any other way. I like to think I’m the type of husband and dad who’ll be there, no matter what.

Don’t Worry, I Have All Night

Now, obviously this can be a major distraction from my ever growing list of things to do. And of course it is. And that’s fine too, in a round about sort of way.

I say this because I consistently tell myself that I’ll get on with my bits once everyone else has been sorted out. So basically that’s once they’ve all either settled down for the evening in front of the TV, or retired to bed for a good night’s sleep.

That’s when my “spare time” begins.

But Be Quiet

Unfortunately, whilst this sounds fine it does have some consequences.

For instance, I can’t do anything that will result in making a loud noise. Like decorating for example, or putting up a few shelves, or even printing some of my artwork for that matter. It just wouldn’t work. Well it would, but I clearly wouldn’t be thanked for it.

Plus, this so called spare time is at the worst time of the day. Once night falls and I work out what I’m going to do, I’m just too exhausted to concentrate on doing any of it.


Now, writing is another task on my list, and pretty high up on it too.

Take my blog for instance. I can easily think of a topic to write about next but it’s finding the right moment to sit down and actually write it up, or jot it down… whichever is correct.

It just becomes a bit of a struggle for me.

Everything Is A Task

So therefore the end result is that my list gets longer. My next blog post doesn’t happen. The house looks the same as it did last year… and the year before that.

So until I get my own time in order and do what I should, or could, be doing I won’t be crossing off any task from any of my lists for a little while yet.

You see, that’s a task in itself… to look at how I can manage my lists better. Oh dear, I’d better add that to the list now too.


So in the meantime, please talk amongst yourselves and wait for my next blog post.

Oh hang on, I’ve just written it.

Well how on Earth did I manage that?

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6 Responses to Don’t Worry, I’ll Do It Later… Much Later

  1. Rachel says:

    Procrastination is the bane of us all. To Do lists are fine, but it means you have actually look at them. Setting alarms helps too. As with everything, prioritizing is key, and you already know that. :) Too many lists? Make a master one (been there), and prioritize them too, sort of like bubbles in a bubble, or branches of a tree, or whatever analogy you care to pose. In the meantime, you can invest in earplugs! :) Cheers!

  2. Mark says:

    Many thanks for the comment Rachel, and very good advice! Cheers, Mark

  3. Hi Mark,

    Have just read you blog and I know exactly where your coming from. It’s good to know that I’m not alone.


  4. Jay Squires says:

    Oh, yes… Oh yes, yes, yes! I’ve been living off that same rule of procrastination for about 50 years of writing and 30 of insurance selling. It’s all too human and all too sad, especially when you look back and find out that back is waaaaaaaaaay back and, damn it! but you haven’t changed a whit! Oh, yes, I’m an expert in tomorrows! Good post, though and a fun blog!

    • Mark says:

      Hi Jay, many thanks for that! Really appreciated and good to know there are more of us out there. Glad you enjoy the blog!

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